Our Travels in Romania - July 2007

We got to spend about a week in Romania, going to a wedding of one of our dear friends, (the main reason we went) then touring with our friend and his new bride. He enlisted a tour guide, and it was a great time. There was supposed to be Harald and his wife and daughter, but they elected to do something else, so it was only Ovidiu, Mickey, Leon, Helen and Emma, along with the tour guide, Claudiu. Since there was room and we all agreed, the guide's son, André was able to go with us.

The pictures are somewhat in date order, but there were several cameras involved, so probably are some duplicate photes. I did not go through all of them to get rid of the dupes. Due to lighting adjustments made to some of the pictures, though, they are way out of sequence.

After the pictures of Emma in the hotel window, the first group were taken by Leon, Helen, Emma and Harald on the morning of the wedding. (It started at 5:30 in the afternoon.) It is of the Village Museum in Bucharest. The museum brought in old houses, churches, and other building and equipment from all over the country, then rebuilt them as the museum. From the looks of the buildings, the people were really short. Some of the village museum pictures got to the last pages due to some of the adjustments.

Then on to the wedding. The ceremony started at 5:30pm in the church, then the reception continued at the restaurant at the World Trade Center. The reception lasted until about 5:30 the following morning. That day, Sunday, was really a day of rest. Then on Monday we were off with the guide. Harald was with us on Monday, so some of the earlier photos were taken by him. Then he took his wife and daughter on another trip, so the balance of these pictures are from Leon, Helen and Emma.

A lot of the pictures, especially the scenery, were taken from the car window, so sometimes there is a reflection from that. I tried to take out as many distractions from the windows as I could, but couldn't get to all of them.

We went North from Bucharest through some beautiful countryside and toured some old churches, some old spas and historical sites. Then a night at a great bed-and-breakfast, of if you prefer, a pensione. Then on to some more country and another pensione. We ended up our tour with a visit to Castelul Bran (Dracula's Castle) and Castelul Peleş (another castle set up as a museum.) They are both big tourist attractions, and are close to the city of Braşov. Then back to Bucharest for the night and a flight home the next day.

All in all, it was a great trip. I would recommend the trip, the guide and the pensiones to anyone. I have included business cards for our guide, one pensione where we stayed and one where we stopped for lunch. It was a neat place with it's own small zoo.

I hope you enjoy seeing what was really a good time. I would recommend Romania to anyone planning a trip to Eastern Europe.