Căsătorie de Ovidiu şi Mickey

These are the photos we took of the wedding and reception of Ovidiu and Mickey. They are in very random order, as they were taken by Leon, Helen, Emma and our friend, Harald. There will probably be quite a few photo duplicates, or the same subject taken from another angle.

The wedding itself lasted about 1 hour. The Romanian Orthadox Church has very few seats for us old folks, so most of the people were standing the full time. The reception started at somewhere around 7:00pm at the World Trade Center in Bucharest. It lasted until about 5:30 in the morning. There was food (a full meal about every 3 hours) and a lot of dancing and singing and a show by a dance troupe. All in all it was a really good time. Romanians are not heavy drinkers, so virtually everyone was sober. But they do know how to have a good time. Then the throwing of the bouquet etal, some more dancing, and the cutting of the cake. A lot of the dancing was Romanian Folk dancing, with everyone involved.

I hope you enjoy seeing what was really a good time.