We got to Virginia a few days before Emma's graduation. During the time, we got to spend see some of the sights of interest in the area.

One day we drove to Philadelphia. We wanted to see the Liberty Bell. It was a pretty nice day, with a few scattered showers. We did not do much other than see the bell, and from the area see Constitution Hall and some of the sights. We did not take any tours. The drive was nice, the countryside was lovely. We were told that if we went to Philadelphia, we had to try a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich. So, we found a street vendor and got one. It was great. Not at all like they pass off other places as Philly cheese steak.

The rest of the time we spent in the DC area. There are some pictures of the LDS Temple, some from the loop freeway, and others from the grounds. Then to a ballgame between the Nationals and the Marlins. (Marlins won that one 11-0.) After graduation, which was at the Constitution Hall in downtown DC, we took some time to get some pictures. They are all taken in a fairly heavy rainstrom. Mom did most of the picture taking, as I was driving. She got out and took some pictures of the Capitol, and ended up soaked. We found out that the Umbrella trees weren't very good umbrellas. Then it was back home.

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