Here are some photos I took of our last trip to Hawaii.  They are, as always, in random order.

Included is Krisalyn's 3rd birthday. She had a small get-together, but it was a lot of fun and everyone had a good time.

Also is the promotion of Bill to CPO in the US Navy, and the family gathering of some of his family, along with ours, after the awards, and later at the Polynesian Cultural Center. (Bill is my grand-nephew, and we are proud of him and his accomplishments.)

After the PCC, Helen had to come home to work, but I got to stay for another 3 weeks. Darn!  Had to spend some more time in paradise.

I spent most of my time with Ioelu and Sharon and their two daughters, Krisalyn and Kyra, wo most of the pictures are with them. I did get the opportunity to associate a little with Sean and Elena and Kate. It was good to be with all of them, too.

There are also some pictures of the pretty rainbows we see in Hawaii, and a couple of pictures of Honolulu taken as my plane was leaving.

Now to the pictures.

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